The places to go for ice cream in Cannes

The places to go for ice cream in Cannes

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After a long stroll through Le Suquet, an afternoon on the beach or a great day out shopping with friends, what could be better than a good homemade ice cream to refresh you? If you're staying at Hotel des Orangers Cannes and you're looking for the best ice cream parlours in Cannes, you've come to the right place! Discover our selection of must-try places where you can enjoy delicious ice creams with original flavours close to your 3-star hotel.


  1. Gelateria Place du Suquet 

Located in the picturesque Le Suquet district of Cannes, the Gelateria is an ice cream treasure you must try at least once in your life. This charming gelateria offers a selection of delicious and varied artisanal ice creams. Whether you're a fan of classics like vanilla or looking for more daring flavours like lavender or lemon basil, this ice cream parlour has something to satisfy every palate. With its convenient location near Hotel des Orangers Cannes, you can indulge in a delicious ice cream while strolling through Cannes' historic district.

Address: Place du Suquet - 06400 Cannes
Access: 3-minute walk from the hotel

Gelateria Cannes Suquet - Credit : @lagelateria_cannes on Instagram
  1. Nivà Gelato Italiano 

For an authentic Italian ice cream experience, head to Nivà Gelato Italiano in Cannes. This gelateria offers artisanal Italian ice creams prepared with passion and expertise. You'll be transported to Italy as you savour their creations of classic ice creams like stracciatella and pistachio, as well as seasonal and original flavours. Indulge in a scoop of their smooth and creamy gelato, and enjoy the warm atmosphere. With its central location in Cannes, Nivà Gelato Italiano is a must for all ice cream lovers.

Address: 75 rue Félix Faure - 06400 Cannes
Access: 9-minute walk from the hotel
  1. Le Quirly Cannes 

How about ending your meal in one of Cannes' best restaurants with a sweet and refreshing touch? Head for Le Quirly Cannes! Located close to the famous Croisette, this ice cream parlour will surprise you with its gourmet creations. It's a real treat for the eyes and the taste buds. What's more, ice cream parlour Le Quirly offers a variety of flavours and toppings to tailor your ice cream to your taste. Get ready for a fun and delicious ice cream experience!

Address: 37 boulevard de la Croisette - 06400 Cannes
Access: 17-minute walk from the hotel
  1. Papilla Artisan Glacier Cannes 

Located near Cannes' Old Port, Papilla Artisan Glacier is a real ice cream nugget. Their commitment to quality and craftsmanship is reflected in every scoop of ice cream they make. Fall under the spell of their selection of original and daring flavours, from delicious coconut sorbet to salted butter caramel, as well as surprising creations like basil and strawberry ice cream. With its friendly atmosphere and passion for unique flavours, Papilla is a must for ice cream lovers.

Address: 81 rue Félix Faure - 06400 Cannes
Access: 9-minute walk from the hotel

Papilla Artisan Glacier - Best ice cream parlour in Cannes - Credit : Summer Hotels
  1. Amorino 

Amorino, an internationally renowned chain of ice cream parlours, delights every taste bud with its ice cream creations. Located on the Croisette, Amorino offers artisanal ice creams and sorbets served with a unique elegance. Their flower-shaped cones have become their trademark, adding a visual touch to your tasting experience, allowing you to create compositions of several flavours resulting in real frozen works of art. Whether you opt for a classic like vanilla or a more exotic flavour like mango, Amorino will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Address: 85 rue Félix Faure - 06400 Cannes
Access: 9-minute walk from the hotel

Best ice creams in Cannes - Credit : @amorinogelato on Instagram

Whether you're looking for a classic ice cream or more original flavours, these must-visit ice cream parlours are guaranteed to delight. Take advantage of the proximity of these renowned ice cream parlours to Hotel des Orangers Cannes to satisfy your ice cream cravings while exploring Cannes' charming narrow streets and long fine sand beaches.

Indulge in the unique flavours and hand-crafted creations of these ice cream parlours and savour every mouthful of your favourite ice creams during your stay in Cannes.